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Interactive Museum of optical illusions and illusions in Gdansk

Experience an amazing adventure! Discover the amazing world of illusions!

Welcome to the DeJa Vu Museum!

❗NOTE This Thursday 09/16/2021 DeJa Vu Museum will be closed. A one-day break is due to the technical work performed. We're back on Friday.
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This is the first such unique place in Poland, located in the heart of Gdańsk, and thus the Tri-City and the capital of the Pomeranian Voivodeship. By entering the museum, you actually enter the amazing world of optical illusions, illusions, digital art and interactive space for everyone regardless of age.

Enter a fascinating world


DeJa Vu is a museum of optical illusions, illusions and digital art. It is surprising, unpredictable and interactive. We will fool your eyesight more than 100 times, we will make your mind play tricks on you, and at the same time provide a lot of educational fun. Museum of illusions in Gdansk for all generations.

Our offer includes exhibits: interactive, physical, optical and digital. In our museum, they will put you in a state of amazement and surprise. In DeJa Vu Museum you will also find many themed rooms that will make everyone’s head dizzy, regardless of age. All these factors contribute to this unique, unique place in Poland – do not hesitate and visit us in Gdansk today!

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Niezwykłe atrakcje w Gdańsku

Deja Vu Muzeum

Museum of Illusions in the Tri-City

The DeJa Vu museum has become one of the main attractions of Gdańsk from the very opening. See what awaits you with us and visit today!


Museum DeJa Vu

Museum of illusions in Gdansk

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